Octopus and The Fox

Russ & Kat's Shared Adventures


A couple that had to go to Okinawa, Japan to meet each other!  During our time in Okinawa we did everything we could to get out and enjoy the culture.  We find that we both loved getting out and just enjoying the time together, sightseeing, and trying all the local foods!  From there we moved back to the states and have been stationed in a couple of areas of California. We both have traveled to many places both stateside and overseas. In the future we plan to continue exploring and seeing other countries together!  As we do we plan to share those experience with all of you.

We both are fitness competitors and avid wine enthusiasts. Whether its getting ready for a bodybuilding show or going to the wineries we both love to dress to impress.  Any of our outfits we put together or wines we drink we will share all this and more!



Russ Garcia

JUST A CITY BOY…BORN AND RAISED IN SOUTH DETROIT…. Oh wait wrong story! I’m an active duty Marine getting ready to retire after 20+ years. I’m originally from Waller, TX and love living in California.  As you can see from my picture below I do love to wear dress shirts, ties, and sports jackets.  And yes I do love wearing men’s accesories!

I know you are asking yourself….Where did the octopus come from?!  I collect many things that are octopi!  I find them to be an amazing creature that looks weak but are powerful and cunning. The blue- ringed octopus has venom strong enough to kill a person in less than 30 minutes.

Enough with that, so I also a Men’s Physique fitness competitor that has been competing for 6 years now.  I love fitness and always willing to share my passion with anyone that wants to learn.



Kat Garcia

I mostly grew up in Southern California, but I have been fortunate to live in several amazing places including Hawaii and Japan (both Main Land and Okinawa) due to the Military.

I earned my status as a Professional Athlete in 2014 in the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB), in the Figure Division. After competing for a few seasons on the Pro circuit I decided to hang up my heels and go to Graduate school. In 2018 I earned my Masters of Science Degree in Psychology.

I currently am very heavily involved with working in the fitness industry. My day-to-day jobs consist of managing a few business’ in bodybuilding.

Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved foxes and have identified with them, and actually have several of the same personality traits.

∗ Kat 

“You may only be one person to the world, but you may also be the world to one person.”


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