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Digital Fashion

I LOVE FASHION…..shopping well that is a different story. I can honestly say in 2016 I didn’t even go in the mall nearest to where  I live and work even once. Again I love fashion, clothes, jewelry, handbags, shoes…..actually making the trip into a store to try on said items, well it has always been to me, not worth it.

There have been days were I had every intention of going to a certain store after work and the moment I am in the car and see the sea of traffic I turn left for home instead of trudging forward to embark on sifting through bins and looking through racks of clothing. I have even put down arms full of clothing instead of waiting in a dressing room line.

Last year I decided that I wanted to take my personal fashion up several notches. Although I have always loved and appreciated fashion, both high end as well as bargain, my wardrobe did not reflect that. With that being said I still had my “going shopping” obstacle. My remedy for that was to SHOP ONLINE. While I know this is not a new concept by any means, for me this is not something I have done other than 1 time while living overseas. Can I just say this was THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE ! 

I enjoy being able to look at items online in an orderly fashion, and I find it extremely helpful to see what a piece of clothing looks like on a person verses just on a hanger to where I might have written it off as not appealing. Now, don’t think I don’t ever go into a store. I do still venture in from time to time, but it is usually after having looking online first.

A few tips for those first time/novice online shoppers:

Read reviews of the item you are interested inBe honest with yourself.

Buy your actual size not the size you wish you were.

Read the sizing charts and measure yourself.

Read the store return/exchange policy.

Always look for sales and coupons prior to purchase.


I would love to hear about some of your shopping experiences as well as your favorite places to shop online at!!!


* Kat


Frenchmauve Tunic Blazer, Prosperity Distressed Jeans

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier Azur


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  1. Love this post. I love to shop and malls but trust me online shopping takes the place when I don’t have time to get out and about

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