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Get Out During The Week!

Get Out During The Week!

In our day to day life Kat and I work regular work hours just like everyone else but we do our best to set “our time” aside.  We make sure no matter how busy we are we get together after work in the middle of the week and meet up at one of the local wineries here in Temecula!  We usually just go to one that we are members at and have a glass or two and just relax and unwind.

There is something else that many people notice when we go out.  Being in the military I wear a uniform every day.  I few years ago I found myself falling into a rut on how I dressed.  I told myself that I felt like a slob, either being in a camouflaged uniform or gym clothes all the time.  So Kat took me down to a local Men’s Warehouse and we purchased a number of items that I could wear when we go out.  I found that I love the way I feel dressing like a gentleman again. Many think that Kat made me dress that way or we are going to wedding.  All-in-all do what makes you feel good.

I hear so many people throughout the week talk about just going home, taking a shower, change clothes, eat, and then just going to bed.  We have been through this same routine over and over again.  We told each other that we wouldn’t get stagnate.  We wanted to break away from the mold, break away from the “routine” of regular life.  We don’t consider ourselves different but we do consider ourselves lucky to have a significant other that enjoys getting out and sharing a lot of the same enjoyable aspects of life.

Next time you get off work take a step back, think what you could do to change the evening up.  You and your significant other might be surprised how much it will help your relationship!

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