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Training As A Couple

Training As A Couple

As long as we have known each other we always enjoyed going to the gym and working out.  We also always ate on the healthier side.  Don’t get me wrong we did enjoy going out to eat and having drinks but we still did it in moderation.  Once we were both living back in the U.S., after being stationed overseas, we decided we wanted to step things up with our health and fitness.  In 2012 we through the idea around about hiring a personal trainer to help us out with our nutrition and workouts.

At the beginning of 2013 we finally decided on a coach that had a great reputation on BodyBuilding.com.  He had many clients that participated in the BodyBuilding.com Transformation Challenge and a lot won!  After doing our first transformation we realized that we weren’t in the shape we had always thought.  The further along we went we started following fitness competitors in the body building industry and it really called to both of us.

By Sept of 2013 Russ stepped on stage for the first time as a Men’s Physique fitness competitor.  Then shortly after in February of 2014 Kat stepped on stage.  After we both competed for the first time we knew this is something that we wanted to continue pursuing together. One of the things we kept hearing when said we were both going to compete was it would split up our marriage.  We found it only made our connection stronger!

Through health and fitness we have helped a lot of other people.  We have discussed with many how it was not easy as a couple but if it is something you want to do you both have to understand what each other is going through.  We also found going to the gym was something we enjoyed doing together, even if it is working out in our garage gym.

At the end, it may not be fitness that you and your partner do together but find something you both love and spend time doing it.  Grow stronger, together, and let it help you in your toughest times.

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